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All prices quoted are in Australian dollars (AUD$), include GST and exclude freight.

NEW Team Shirt & Umpire Shirt
Umpire Shirt AUD $ 150.00
   Shirts by CasaBlanca From AUD $160.00

New Polo Jeans
These jean are the best AUD $150.00

Country Polo Mallets
Mallet Order Form
Top Mallets (as used by Gonzalo Pieres at Ellerston ) AUD $180.00
TOP and J&M Mallets from Pilar Argentina AUD $180.00
Standard Mallets AUD $150.00
Baby Mallets AUD $ 40.00
Umpires Pick-up Sticks AUD $150.00
Foot Mallets / Bicycle Mallets AUD $ 50.00
Mallets Bags (holds up to 20 sticks) AUD $130.00
Tipa Heads AUD $ 18.00
Childrens Mallet AUD $110.00
Beginners Mallet AUD $ 90.00

Country Polo Mallet Repairs
Splicing AUD $ 25.00
High Splicing AUD $ 35.00
New Head AUD $ 25.00
Grip, strap, and knob AUD $ 16.00
Texas Polo BallTexas Polo Ball AUD $  7.00ea

Country Polo Helmet
Endorsed by Clare Tomlinson, UK Coach Helmets order form
Cloth Fiber Glass with 3 point harness AUD $460.00
Leather Fiber Glass with 3 point harness AUD $500.00
Cloth Carbon Fiber Helmets with 3 point harness AUD $600.00
Leather CarbonFiber Helmets with 3 point harness AUD $650.00

Country Polo Knee Guards
American Style with Velcro straps, with extra super padding
One Size Fits All by CasaBlanca
Kids AUD $200.00
Knee Pads with d3o.com - 2 straps AUD $350.00
Knee Pads with d3o.com - 3 straps AUD $400.00

Helmets made by Falcon helmets pass Aust Standards
Cloth AUD $450.00
Prisa Helmets AUD $680.00

NEW Country Polo Saddles
Marcos Heguy Style Polo Saddle Suede Seat Plastic Tree AUD $1100.00
Buffalo Stirrup Leathers AUD $110.00

Country Polo Quality  Bridle etc
Head Piece AUD $ 60.00
Nose band AUD $ 50.00
Cavesson AUD $ 50.00
Pelham and rubber cheeks AUD $ 80.00
Gag with runners and rubber cheeks AUD $130.00
2 Reins AUD $ 80.00
Martingale AUD $ 80.00
Breast Plate AUD $ 80.00
Running Reins AUD $ 85.00
Brow Band different colours AUD $ 35.00
Copper Gags different style AUD $140.00
Country Polo BOOTS
Polo Boots order form
Polo Boots with 2 layers of leather and boot bag AUD $850.00
Boots by Measurement AUD $1000.00

Country Polo Other Item
Photo: Casablanca and Ona Polo Gloves  
Oakley Radar (2 Lenses and a Case with bulletproof glass. Radar features an interchangeable lens design that lets athletes optimize vision in any environment. A revolutionary Hydrophobic™ lens coating repels water, skin oils and debris, keeping the optics crystal clear. The frame architecture creates a cooling flow of air, and the design features an interchangeable nosepiece for a custom fit. The result is a new milestone in performance technology.) AUD $380.00
Field Bag (carry boots, helmet, knee guards, gloves, bandages AUD $105.00
Country Polo Whips made with German fibreglass and leather handle AUD $ 50.00
Saddle Blankets from Argentina AUD $ 60.00
Girth Matra AUD $110.00

Casablanca Pair Gloves

AUD $100.00
Casablanca Whites AUD $170.00

Ona Polo Gloves Pairs

AUD $120.00
Franklin Polo Gloves each AUD $ 35.00
Boot Bag AUD $110.00

Bandages set of four in a range of colours 
AUD $40.00 
Stirrup Iron 4 Bars good platform and grip AUD $ 65.00